Sher Khan, Nusrat al-Din Sanjar

Sher Khan, Nusrat al-Din Sanjar
   One of the chi-hilganis who was a cousin of Balban. In 1242, Sher Khan was sta-tioned in Sind, where he occupied Multan after ousting Hasan Qar-luq. Following Balban's removal from the position of na'ib in 1252, Sher Khan lost his extensive iqta' covering Uchch, Multan, and Tabarhind. He subsequently went away to the Mongol court. After Balban returned to power (1254), Sher Khan came back from the Mongol court and was assigned an extensive iqta' in the Punjab that included Lahore. Throughout the remaining years of Nasir al-Din Mahmud Shah's reign (1246-1266) as well as in the early years of Balban's rule (1266-1286), Sher Khan, not trusting his cousin fully, did not come to Delhi. Balban had him poisoned in 1269-1270.

Historical dictionary of Medieval India. . 2011.

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